Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Signs of "Spring"

Although spring is about 50 days away, there are some tell-tale signs near the house. The wild peonies are starting to emerge, the manzanitas are busily flowering and the grass is growing!

Young wild peony.

More wild peony, popping out of the grass.

A very young peony shoot, hoping for slightly warmer weather.

The Ribes has been slowly expanding its new leaves.

No bees seen at this flowering manzanita yet (it was just below freezing last night, though).

Close-up of manzanita flowers. They are (almost) pristine right now!


  1. I like the Manzanita's Chinese Lantern blooms. I also like the Ribes or currants when they are in bloom. Idyllwild area always had two major Ribes. The sprawling types along Strawberry Creek and other streamside tributaries. Then there was the beautiful Chaparral Currant bush which thrived below Mountain Center all along the Hwy 74 Idyllwild Grade to Hemet below. It's going to be fun documenting some of these things with photos, that I've only talked about.

  2. Hopefully we'll get some more rain to perk up the plants for you.