Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Diversion from the Woods: Torrey Pines State Beach, California

Some observations made after our recent winter storm, on a long walk south from the parking area along Torrey Pines Road, and back.

Thornback Guitarfish (Platyrhinoidis triseriata): a casualty of the storm, perhaps

Giant Green Sea Anemone (Anthopleura xanthogrammica). A few were clinging to rocks as the tide went out.

Aggregating Anemones (Anthopleura elegantissima).

Leaf Barnacles (Pollicipes polymerus).

Unicorn snail (Acanthina lugubris): one of the larger native sea snails along our coast.

Limpets upon limpets.

A chiton (possibly the conspicuous chiton?).

The foggy land-sea-scape.

Western Gulls (Larus occidentalis)


  1. Besides being very interesting, these images are also very beautiful. Those subtle colors and grey tones and those edges lost to the fog....Of course, the Giant Green See Anemone looks like it jumped right out of a southwestern designer color sample from the early nineties

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Margarethe! I do love the beach and all its treasures - it's a whole other world.

  3. Should have gone to the beach part.

  4. Do you mean the Not-Cat-Show part ; )

  5. susancarterca@gmail.comJanuary 27, 2013 at 4:54 PM

    My favorite is the foggy land-sea-scape! And the guitarfish. Looks like a great place to go for a walk. We haven't been there in years and years.


  6. It IS a neat place -- always different, too (in subtle ways).

  7. That part of the beach is my favourite to go and visit. I'm not into the crowds and surfing scene. There is a feeling of both quiet/peace and wildness about this area of southern California. I'll be there this spring. Coming back to recharge my batteries.

    You folks have been absent for some time now. I asked Margarethe about your where abouts, but I don't think she replied. Probably didn't know. I love the photos, very pleasant. Reminds me of walking in jeans cut offs and going for a walk.


  8. I've been here -- but my poor blog kind of got pushed to the back burner after our long road trip last summer. Hopefully this is the beginning of a revival for it!

    We're fortunate to have some "wild" coastline left in SD County, that is for sure. I often wonder what the "Lost Coast" is like up north -- it certainly sounds inviting.

    Enjoy your trip back!