Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snowy Tracks

We had about three inches of soft snow from the latest storm, and many creatures were out and about in it, leaving their marks.

Almost certainly a quail track (but California or Mountain Quail?).

More tracks of possible quail.

Another raccoon snuck by without being seen (on its way to the pond at the foot of Sandy Creek Road).

These were LARGE squirrel-like tracks, so must be from the Western Gray Squirrel.

A small bird of some sort, leaving odd scratches.

Wild turkey (there were no lack of these).

More turkey tracks.


Here's where a cat bunched itself before jumping up into this tree...

...and the tell-tale signs IN the tree (claw marks).

Even little mice were out in the snow.

This snow-traveler was too small too leave much of a track, but was a surprise to find crawling around out in the open on the snow. An aphodiine beetle of some sort.

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