Friday, June 15, 2012

White-tailed Kites Nesting in the Meadow: Almost Ready to Fledge

For weeks we have watched a pair of White-tailed Kites on and around their nest in the big meadow below our house site. Today, one of the nestlings has apparently stepped out of the nest, and stood staring out at the world around it, looking quite mature and raptor-like. The characteristic reddish marking on the chest, typical of an immature White-tailed Kite, is clearly visible. My best photographic attempt is a very crude shot through a spotting scope, but at least it shows the young one well enough to identify it. Three nestlings in total were observed yesterday being fed by one of the parents.

One of the nestlings, apparently perched right next to the nest, which has always been just out of our view in the highest point of this live oak.

A view of the meadow from the upper story of our house. It is rich in voles, deer mice, pocket mice and other rodents.

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  1. Have been seeing the parents feeding more frequently recently.