Sunday, June 3, 2012

Insects and Spiders at the Black Light

In the past few days, particularly with the couple really hot days we've just had, some nice little critters have been coming out at night and visiting the black light I put up on my patio.

Here are a couple of the visitors. The new Canon camera and macro lens is really helping with this close-up photography!

Hippodamia sinuata sinuata, a lady beetle.

Eleodes osculans (Wooly Darkling Beetle)

Zarhipis integripennis

Most likely Creugas bajulus. If so, a rare sighting, with few records in the literature of this species. Thanks to Jim Berrian at the San Diego Natural History Museum for help in identifying this spider, as well as those at

Herpyllus propinquus, the Western Parson Spider


  1. You got the Lady bug ided! Great, now I want to find one in AZ, just across the border in Yuma would do!

  2. Yes, Abigail did it! I noticed they're only shown in California on Bugguide, but maybe some of the beetle experts over there know if they exist in AZ?

  3. I have those red spiders all around my place, one was just in my place.... least it’s not a black widow