Monday, June 25, 2012

The White-tailed Kites are Fledging!

After many weeks, the White-tailed Kite nest saga is almost over, as two of the four nestlings left the nest yesterday, a couple hours before sunset. One took a pretty long flight, with one of the kite-parents soaring in close to the young one, as if to provide moral support! This morning, at least three of the young kites were seen taking short flights from the nest, and perching here and there in the area of the big meadow. What must be the least developed nestling was still hanging in at the nest!

I got some reasonably decent images (based on how far away they are), with the help of Bill Carter's excellent telescope and adapter for my camera. Thanks Bill and Susan!

A short hop of about 4 feet (right by the nest)!

Two hangers-on by the nest. The other two fledglings were nearby in other trees.

"Hey -- watch where you're flapping!"

A youngster contemplating life and flight.

Those wings are still a bit stubby.

The dark hood will apparently be lost in a few weeks.


  1. Great photos! At least you don't have to walk half a mile, like I had to to see our Red Tails. These little guys look healthy and fit

    1. I didn't know your red tails were so far -- I imagined them right by your house. That's one way to get exercise! Thankfully all four young kites do seem vital and strong.

  2. Do you realize what a privilage that is and how many folks in our modern world don't appreciate such moments ?

    Very good pics!



    1. Thank you, Kevin! It really is a treat, especially as this species almost disappeared from California not so long ago.