Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fall in the Mountains of San Diego County

It has to be considered a good fall, if no major wildfires broke out, and we got some rain! So this is quite a good fall, as we just received another 1.3 inches or so of much-needed rain from this latest little storm. We had a pretty fall, too, in terms of fall color. We're on the tail end of that period now, though, with many of the Black Oaks looking pretty naked these days. NO SNOW YET, for those who might have wondered.

Willow leaves, in their last hurrah, at Lake Cuyamaca last weekend.

Our Toyon has spectacular berries this season. This is one of the ones growing just outside the house.

The rains have brought out some nice fungi. These were growing all around a tree stump on Palomar Mountain this past Friday.

Part of the mushroom mass shown above. Probably Armillaria mellea, the "Honey Mushroom".

The sunset last Friday, as the storms were moving out of the area. This is a view looking west from Palomar Mountain, with mountain-hugging clouds in the foreground.


  1. I really like the photos, especially the berries. That is such a neat capture. I have said this spot the best things in nature.

  2. Those rain drops just made 'em irresistible!