Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Nearby Trip to Chariot Canyon

Chariot Canyon is just south of Banner, at the base of the Banner Grade. It really requires four-wheel-drive to negotiate it without too much stress and anxiety. I took the truck down there in mid-August and found primarily small species of insects on the just-blooming Baccharis bushes.

An assassin bug, with TINY prey! It was lurking on Baccharis, awaiting victims visiting the little flowers.

Close-up, showing the tiny little meal. Its wing is quite iridescent!

An ambush bug, another predator lurking in the flowering Baccharis. I believe that this is Phymata pacifica. It blends in beautifully with its almost "disruptive" coloration.

A view of Chariot Canyon, south of the Golden Chariot Mine. It is an idyllic spot.

End of the line for the day. Someone had put a couple of ineffectual little straps around this big oak that had fallen in the road, presumably in an attempt to move it. It took about a ten point turn to turn around in these tight quarters in the truck, but it worked out. Will have to go back later in the season to see how things have changed.


  1. A nice outing. Enjoyed the close up photo of the assassin bug. So delicate.

  2. Nice to see you blogging, Robyn, although maybe you have been for some time and I hadn't noticed it. I've recently started a poetry blog Happy blogging!