Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Turkey Feeder?

The hummingbird seems surprised, too!

Hen turkey on the feeder.


  1. Over the years I watched those Turkeys grow and spread. Where I first saw them was off Hwy 79 between Santa Ysabel Indian Reservation and the Hwy 76 Henshaw Jct.

    I've seen them out on that Henshaw grassland praire and last year while in San Diego Co visiting from Sweden, my wife and I were traveling on that S-2 south of Scissors Crossing coming from Ocotillo. Just before we hit the Butterfield RV Resort entrance, there is a Mesquite Bosque and a small group of Turkeys were along the road. That blew me away as I would have never thought they would move to such a habitat.

    Okay, that's your next assignment. Go down and photograph Turkeys among the Mesquite. I was in a bit of a hurry and didn't have time to photo them. Coom On! it'll be fun.

    *smile* - Kevin


    1. Well, you never know -- I go down to the desert regularly to explore (even in the summer), so stay tuned!

      Today, two female turkeys appeared right by our patio with ten small-chicken-sized young with them. They seemed remarkably unafraid considering the noisy weed-wacking that had been just happening a few minutes before.