Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bugs at the Black Light - Finally!

After unseasonably cool weather, the warmth is finally here, and the bugs are coming out in good numbers. The black light on my patio this week brought in a good variety of little critters. Plenty of drama, too, with some creatures being eaten by others! Some of the insects and arachnids that came to the light are shown below. The Polyphylla and Prionus were photographed previously.

Olios (Huntsman spider) enjoying a crane fly meal, and being watched by a hopper. Some of these spiders get quite huge, around an inch long.

Olios spider with prey.

Zarhipis integripennis

Serica fimbriata, a large velvety member of its genus.

Brown Leatherwings (Pacificanthia consors), by far the most numerous visitors.

Polyphylla decemlineata, the Ten-lined June Beetle.

Prionus californicus, the California Prionus.