Sunday, March 8, 2015

Signs of Spring in Cuyamaca Woods

Even though it's not technically spring, it is feeling like it these days. We have finally had some decent rain (around 5 inches in the past several weeks). The warm weather between storms, and the water is bringing the spring growth out.

Lupine with dew. These little lupines grow on a slope just outside the house. They are kindly adding nitrogen to the soil.
BIG droplet on some low-growing vegetation behind Yin Yang's house.
Manzanita berries. They will get bigger and redder as the season progresses. These are about a centimeter wide. The manzanitas flowered to a huge degree this season, for some reason.
Ceonothus sp. (wild lilac). This particular bush is very popular with honey bees and native bees at the moment!
Yin Yang, the nature lover, who accompanied me on this mini-photo expedition around the property last Tuesday.

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