Monday, May 26, 2014

A Hen Turkey Decides to Take a Break on the Patio

This hen turkey decided to settle down on the patio this morning, for some reason known only to herself. Gary spotted her and called (in subdued tones) for me to come down -- with camera -- and the cats started to converge (meowing TOO much, I must say!). I finally was able to get right up against the glass to get a decent image of her, while Bonnie crouched next to me, emitting her chattery "bird meow". She had a hankering for a turkey drumstick!! For the record, Bonnie has done this same behavior with a full grown DEER that visited the patio years ago. She wants to bite off WAY more than she can chew...

She was well aware of our presence, and stiffened visibly, or even craned her neck, when little movements occurred on our side of the glass. She had some flies buzzing around her and took a peck at them now and then. She seemed uninjured when she stood up and walked away later.
Bonnie, ready to take on "big game". Bonnie never leaves the house, and would have no clue of how to hunt, I suspect...but don't tell HER that.

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