Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bold Bobcat in our Yard

Around 1:30 pm today my brother saw a "large cat with a short tail" right up against the glass of the sliding door of his bedroom, looking in! He called me, but I arrived too late to see the creature which headed downhill. For the record, there was a cat bowl with kibbles just inside the room near the glass. The photo below shows where that animal would have been (red star). The box is a cat shelter with the hole facing inwards for the safety of his cat, Jinx.

Photo 1: Red star showing where the "large cat" was peering into the house.

I then equipped him with a small digital camera, because I suspected a Bobcat. About an hour later, he took the following pictures (Photos 2, 3 and 4).

Photo 2: The cat, obviously a Bobcat, heading TOWARDS Jinx on the patio.

Photo 3: Cropped version of Photo 2.

Photo 4: The Bobcat, circled in red, heading towards what Jinx considers HER road (she rolls in the dirt on it regularly).

Photo 3 is just a cropped version of Photo 2. Photo 4 shows Jinx, not the least bit afraid, on her toes (literally) and the Bobcat (circled in red) heading down the Steebers' driveway. Alan scared the big cat away. Apparently Jinx and the Bobcat were in something of a stand-off with Jinx showing no fear of it, and it showing no fear of Jinx. I have seen Jinx's boldness with my cats and would not put this past her! Needless to say, Alan is a bit afraid for Jinx's safety and is keeping her in for awhile.

Now we have the digital camera set on "movie" mode, and are watching for a possible return.

Is this a sick animal, starving, or just incredibly bold??

All photos by Alan Deeley except for Photo 1 by Robyn Waayers


  1. Wow. That is a big bobcat.
    Quite a coincidence, I saw one just this evening as I was leaving the lake at about 5:40pm. Crossing Hwy 79, between the restaurant and Earl's house, heading towards the water. Also quite large. I wonder if it could be the same cat?
    It's good to see them flourishing here. I just wish Gracie would come in already...

  2. I'm guessing their home ranges are smaller than that. I understand they are a common cat (much more so than Mountain Lions), but are USUALLY not seen much due to shyness. Obviously our local ones didn't get the memo!

  3. this is amazing, and slightly scary too, a video would be great! the largest wild mammals we get around our house are foxes haha