Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why Create This Blog?

A little over five years ago, my husband Gary and I moved away from the San Diego suburbs and into the relative wilderness of the Cuyamaca Mountains of southern California. The area had been burned extensively in 2003 by the Cedar fire, but still retained much beauty and a real sense of wildness, something that is difficult to find in this crowded part of the world.

The plant and animal life here has been far more diverse and wonderful than I ever expected, and I have seen many new "life" species, ranging from long-sought amphibians like the California Tree Frog to spectacular insects like Ergates spiculatus. The original habitat consisted of a mix of pines, cedars, live oaks, black oaks and chaparral species like manzanita and Ceonothus. Recovery since the fire has been slow but steady, and today the landscape actually looks more green than burned, a major milestone!

I hope the nature observations here provide insight and pleasure to fellow nature-lovers in "The Woods" and beyond!

California Tree Frog, Pseudacris cadaverina, found in our Porta-potty during house construction!

Ergates spiculatus, one of the largest local beetles. This is a female, and she is about 55 mm or a little over two inches long.


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